Erenders Design


Erenders Design is an architecture & interior design studio that specializes in both commercial and residential projects.

We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and preferences to create stunning, functional designs that exceed their expectations.

Our portfolio comprises a vast array of projects, including corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, and residential homes.

are you thinking of :

→ designing your corporate office ?
creating your restaurant ?
→ building a resort ?
→ designing your apartment / villa / condo ?
→ creating your nightclub ?
→ designing your shop ?
→ creating a luxury spa?

       let us design it together

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Open Access Avenues

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grand staircase

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Contented l living

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designer kitchens

Erenders Visualisations

intro :

Erenders Visualizations is where we bring designed spaces to life through state-of-the-art 3D visualization techniques.

Our team uses advanced software and technologies to create photorealistic videos and images that showcase the essence of the project.

Our clients, which include architects, land developers and interior designers, place their trust in us to transform their designs into captivating 3D images and reels, effectively showcasing their ideas through stunning visuals.

are you :

→ an architecture firm looking to visualise your designs?
→ a builder want to make showreels of your proposed property ?
→ a student struggling with some complex 3d models ? we can help at no cost.
→ an apartment owner have thoughts in your mind and would like to make a 3d-image of it ?
→ a land owner and would like to generate your property in 3d reels ?
→ a hotel / restaurant owner looking to revamp your interiors / outlet ?
→ a TV Studio / motion gfx studio want to make virtual sets or 3d environment ?
→ a gaming company looking to create stunning scenes in 3d ? 

      let us generate it together

Erenders Sites

intro :

Erenders Sites is where we construct structures and build world-class interiors at the project site.

Our team of skilled labourers and project managers are committed to delivering projects of the highest quality, on-time, and within budget.

We work manage our consrtuction team closely to ensure they understand the precise requirements at site and deliver a finished product that exceeds the expectations.

are you :

→ an architecture firm looking for contracting   services ?
→ a builder / home owner / restaurant owner looking for a fit-out contractor ? 
→ a interior design studio looking for a site contractor?
→ a freelance designer wanting a contractor to fit-out at site ?
→ a building or a soceity wanting some repair / maintenence works to be done ?
→ a land developer looking to offload their construction work ?

      let us build it together

If you have a vision, we’re here to turn it into reality by blending modern aesthetics into every design detail.

Collaborating closely, we ensure your vision is elevated with contemporary flair, whether it’s for a space, product, or experience, promising visually stunning results.

Your space, our ingenuity intertwined, crafting a harmonious fusion!

With our innovative planning and your vision as our guide, we promise a flawless blend of functionality and aesthetics, culminating in a space that exceeds all expectations.


Let us join you in making your dreams possible.


We take our design from paper to reality, providing construction services for commercial and residential structures. Our team of trained professionals uses cutting-edge technology and techniques to build interiors at the site, ensuring that the design is executed to perfection. We pay attention to even the minutest of details to provide our clients with a space that is not only visually appealing but also functional and comfortable.

super savings

By maintaining reduced operating expenses, we ensure substantial savings which we confer directly to our clients. This strategy enables us to offer hefty discounts, affirming our commitment to customer value and financial efficiency. Experience the benefits of our low-cost, high-value approach by becoming our client today.

Value Connection

Our design concept stands as an exceptional value for your money. We ensure consistent client engagement throughout each phase, guaranteeing that you're involved at every stage. So, not only does our design offer financial acuteness, but it also provides a transparent partnership, promoting consistent communication and collaboration. Hence, our services are an investment in quality, connection, and value that will incredibly benefit you.

Talent Hub

Your search for a one-stop solution ends here! We house an extensive network of vendors and experienced professionals from every trade under one roof. No more countless searches or multiple contacts needed. In one location, we have gathered a rich collection of talent and resources, ready to cater to your every need in one swift move. Experience convenience and quality like never before

Enhanced Creativity

At your service, our inventive group is geared up to provide multifarious choices solely to content customer needs. We're dedicated to offering a range of creative solutions tailored to meet your particular requirements, ensuring utmost client satisfaction.